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ausziehen angļu valodā:

1. doffing doffing

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2. take off take off

We have to wait for another plane to leave the runway before we can take off.
Her singing career had just begun to take off.
take off your jacket
May I take off my coat, please? / 2. Michael takes off his jacket and lies on the bed.
where i can take off my hoodie? your plane took (taken) off away an hour ago
When we got there it was snowing heavily, and the plane couldn’t take off, so we had to come home.
When I was young I loved watching planes take off. / She is really good at taking her teacher off. / He was so tired that he didin't even take his clothes off
Young children often take off their older siblings.
You can take off your t-shirt if you're feeling too hot.
Do you take off your shoes when you get into somebody else’s flat or house?
If you're hot, why not take off that jumper?
That is very important in order for us to know which aeroplanes can take off and when.
When I get home I always take off the jacket first and then the shoes.
I’d better take my shoes off. The plane should take off on time. Her business has really taken off. I’m taking Monday off to go to London.
The judge stared at Gandih and finally told him to take off his turban

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3. unsheathing unsheathing

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4. move out move out

I have to move out of this city.
We have to move out till the end of the month.
Her landlord has given her a week to move out.
If you want to be respectable, how come Mr Rumson has to move out while Mrs Rumson stays with another man?
We have to move out till the end of the year.
I am going to move out next year.
We've decided to move out.

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