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1. adjudge adjudge

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2. appraising appraising

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3. assess assess

He will assess it's value.
the assessment of new evidence
Health Service is currently assessing whether dogs can be used to detect cancer
I would like to assess the progress our team has made to see if we can meet the deadline.
to estimate or judge the value, character, etc., of; evaluate: to assess one's efforts.
We assessed the student's level at 8 so he could take advanced classes.
Different subjects are taught and assessed separately.
Fire departments, police units and disaster responders all use drones to some degree, assessing harrowing situations, finding missing people and helping fellow humans.
Our in-house design team assesses area of development to give the best layout of equipments
ssess is defined as to evaluate or analyze. An example of something that a teacher may assess is spelling skills.
One example is that Churchill actually went to Germany in the 1930s to assess the situation in the country first hand.
The tax losses due to fraud are difficult to assess.
The Barnes building was assessed at 1.3 milion, but it can probably sell for much more than that
They don’t panic and they assess the situation clearly.
The purpose of this interview is to assess whether or not you are suitable for the company.

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4. to judge to judge

It's wrong to judge people by their appearance.
He seems to be handling the job well, but it's too soon to judge. / We have no right to judge other people

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