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bribe angļu valodā:

1. influence by offering money or a gift influence by offering money or a gift

Angļu vārds "bribe"(influence by offering money or a gift) notiek komplektos:

Lesson 3 23/03/2018

2. kickback

3. bribery

Stephen used bribery to get the judge to rule in his favour.
We tried everything – persuasion, bribery, threats.
in order to avoid being suspected of bribery
He disdained bribery.
Between ourselves, he was dismissed for bribery.
The bribery scandal created a backlash overseas.
The bribery came to light.
She is honest and above bribery.
We've adopted a firm policy against bribery.
They got the contract by using bribery.
In Germany, foreign bribery was allowed.
one of the most influential polish businessmen was recently charged with bribery
The policeman was arrested on a charge of bribery.
He was arrested on suspicion of bribery and unethical behavioour.
His acceptance of the present was regarded as bribery.

4. money or a gift given to someone so that they will do something for you usually something dishonest