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weird angļu valodā:

1. negative and unusual

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Synonyms for the adjective "strange"
Synonyms for the adjective "strange"

2. bizarre

there are many traditions and customs around the word which may seem quite bizarre to people who don’t fallow them.
Nothing is to bizarre for this museum.
This car looks bizarre.
She put forward her ideas employing a rather bizarre style.
It's rush hours and there is no one on the street... It's so bizarre.
1. That does sound truly bizarre. / 2. In his bizarre (sort of) way. / 3. What a bizarre little creature!
And then he told me this bizarre story.
Interviewers throw bizarre questions at candidates to see how they reacted.
Newton often did the most bizarre experiments.
a bizarre coincidence
Lingerie outlets across Russia may have to bin most of their stock under a bizarre trade directive that bans the import, production or sale of synthetic lace underwear
A love of animals can take many forms, from unconditional and affectionate, to ridiculous and totally bizarre.
"Some of these "religions" have beliefs and practices that border on the bizarre and disturbing."
They asked some bizarre questions in the job interview.
The definition of bizarre is a very strange person or thing. A bird with three eyes would be an example of bizarre.

3. unusual and strange

4. very strange and unusual

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5. very strange and unusual or not natural

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6. something considered not conventional or normal

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7. eerie

the eerie sound of an owl hooting at night
"There was an eerie resemblance between them."
eerie silence
an eerie sixth sense guided him to
After a moment of eerie silence, the storm hit.
The obligator smiled; he likely meant it to be disarming but Tresting only found it eerie.
The empty house filled with an eerie melody
- Let´s try to summon some ghosts on Halloween! - Oh my God. No, it´s eerie!
- How about a walk in the graveyard by night? - Your date ideas are eerie...