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1. luxuriousness luxuriousness

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2. luxe

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3. luxury's

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4. luxury

Our budget won't allow that luxury.
Art is not a luxury, but a necessity.
The market for luxury goods is growing fast.
This is luxury beyond my income.
luxury apartments
The reduced price of luxury goods is just window dressing to make the new consumption tax look better.
Have you heard? Our neighbor won the lottery, and she's gone to the Bahamas on a luxury cruise.
Eleanor though the daughter of a king and brought up in the greatest luxury determined to share misfortune with her husband.
she just enjoyed the unusual luxury of a lazy start to the day
Her pets live a life of luxury because they sleep in little beds and have warm milk for breakfast.
He had five houses and seven cars, so you can say he was leading a life of luxury. She lived in luxury for the whole life.
In the apartment appreciate luxury and the possibility to relax.
Having a telephone in my country was a huge luxury.
Rich people often have the money for all kinds of luxury.
In the United States the automobile is a necessity and not a luxury.

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Intermediate 2 - Unit 1

5. upmarket

The company has decided to move some of its products upmarket.
upmarket products
This area of the city is full of upmarket shops and restaurants.
an upmarket fashion brand
I like upmarket restaurants, but they’re so expensive.
Apparently it is posh an comes from upmarket

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