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español - English

pena angļu valodā:

1. pity pity

What a pity!
Never confuse pity with love.
That you don't believe me is a great pity.
His terrible suffering aroused her pity.
It's a pity that hang, ocarina and pipa are so unpopular around here.
But probably I'll be the last, which is a pity.
I cannot help you, not but that I pity you.
The presiding judge was touched by pity for the accused.
For pity's sake just shut up and let me drive!
You lost again? What a pity! > Never mind.
It’s hard not to feel pity for unwanted cats and dogs.
Don't pity me.
It would be such a pity if your blog shuts down because of a viral effect...
Pity is akin to love.
Please have pity on a poor blind man!

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2. grief's grief's

The joys of parents are secret, and so are their grief's and fears.

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3. penalty penalty

His crime deserved the death penalty.
The penalty was missed.
The thief or swindler who has gained great wealth by his delinquency has a better chance than the small thief of escaping the rigorous penalty of the law.
The penalty for spitting is five pounds.
If you make a mistake, you pay the penalty.
Such conduct would subject the offender to a heavy penalty.
They got a penalty for improper behaviour.
And you know the penalty for stealing boots...
There's a $50 penalty for late cancellation of tickets.
Their best player missed the penalty
Hand ball! The referee awarded a penalty.
penalty area
I think you kick it if you have a penalty, but I don’t really understand the rules of that.
Darren is to be put through a trial. If he fails, it's the death penalty!

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