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embouteillage angļu valodā:

1. bottling bottling

... you feel, instead of bottling it up.
Semen is worth bottling.

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2. traffic jam

Sorry I’m late – there was a terrible traffic jam.
We got stuck on traffic jam
We got stuck in a traffic jam and missed the plane.
Go now before a traffic jam comes.
There's a traffic jam
There was an accident on the motorway and we got stuck in the traffic jam
The bad weather caused a traffic jam on the road and it took hours to get home.
There are always traffic jams in the centre of the city.
I'd rather walk than be in a traffic jam.
I’m stuck in a traffic jam so will be late.
There was a traffic jam on the motorway, so I was late for work.
What a huge traffic jam!
traffic jams are terrible today
They got stuck in a traffic jam//there are traffic jams on the roads
We've spent half of our weekend trip in a massive traffic jam.