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1. modern modern

modern house
The modern version, which is now popularly recognized in China as the standard qipao, was first developed in Shanghai after 1900.
In modern times we have gone through two world wars as the end result of international disputes.
This e-zine is for those who, unswayed by the cajolery of the modern language industry, firmly trust that the traditional learning method of grammatical analysis is the way to go.
The Cockney mode of speech, with its unpleasant twang, is a modern corruption without legitimate credentials, and is unworthy of being the speech of any person in the capital city of the Empire.
You can make sounds by combining letters in Modern Greek. For example you can use μπ to make the sound "b", ντ to make the sound "d", γκ to make the sound "g" and τζ to make the sound "dj".
Japanese cameras, cars, and hi-fi equipment are used widely abroad, and few modern industries can manage without advanced electronic equipment developed in Japan.
A love story that unfolds between an unlikely pair, a public prosecutor from a good family and a modern high school girl.
I also enjoy the modern world, and I’m always curious as well as worried about where it’s headed.
Do you think it would be more ecological if we replaced some old buildings with modern skyscrapers?
Accordingly, besides noun declension patterns, there also existed a greater variety of verb conjugation patterns than in Modern English.

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