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Nederlands, Vlaams - English

gezwollen angļu valodā:

1. swollen

My gums are swollen.
In cold weather, her joints become swollen.
Your feet are swollen because your shoes are too small.
1. My leg is swollen and bleeding. / 2. You should have a black eye or a swollen lip, a broken nose. / 3. It's all right, just a little swollen. / 4. Look, my feet are all swollen.
I drank too much. My face is swollen!
My hamster has a swollen testicle on one side.
My hands became swollen up while taking a long bath.
But when I think of that dream, the swollen dead bodies under the water pulling at my legs, it seems right that friends should come and go.
swollen glands
The middle and forefinger were fused into a nail-less stump and the back of the hand grossly swollen.
Your hand is swollen, did you have fight with somebody?
She fell over when she was training and now her ankle is really swollen
My finger is swollen because I smashed it in the door
Her wrist looks very swollen – perhaps it’s broken.
I went to see the river, which I found greatly swollen.