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1. wave wave

In the United States, a wave means "good bye."
We're in the second week of an unrelenting heat wave.
She designated their table with a wave of the hand.
wave your hands
The LDP rode on the wave of Koizumi's popularity.
What Jansky had observed was the 14.6m wavelength radio wave from the Milky Way's core.
We're suffering from an unbearable heat wave for the second week straight.
Oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?
Quite a few people were killed on the cold wave that hit this area.
History is like Quantum Physics, the observer affects the event observed. Is the Kennedy assasination a particle or a wave?
I waved to/at him from the window but he didn't see me. She waves her hands about/around a lot when she's talking.
The little boy waved to his mother as the school bus pulled away from the curb.
I love the sea in winter when the waves are enormous.
You can go to Hawaii if you want to ride on large waves.
At the border the customs officer just waved us through.

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2. tide tide

The tide is coming in.
What does "There is a tide" imply?
For instance, in my father's business the timing of sales and purchases was very important, and he would sometimes write or say to his colleagues "There is a tide," without going into detail.
Pitching camp on sand banks that go under at high tide is a truly stupid thing to do.
I walked along the beach when the tide ebbed.
There is a tide is, in fact, from a passage in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar.
Because of his determination, he was able to tide over the crisis.
For good or ill, there is no way but this to tide over the difficulty.
turn back the commercial tide
A sudden tide of emotions has made me cry
The film's portrayal of a powerless woman dragged along by the tide of events doesn't lend itself to edge of the seat plot twists.
Everyone expected high tides.
river of blood, turning the tide, cause of the flood
przypływ; falling/low tide
to stem this tide = to stop this tendency before it begins

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