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język polski - English

znajomy angļu valodā:

1. familiar familiar

Every student of biology, anatomy, anthropology, ethnology or psychology is familiar with these facts.
familiar with
After listening to an Arabic song for ten seconds, Dima finally heard a familiar voice say, "As-Salamu Alaykum!"
In order to study computational linguistics it's necessary to know various languages, however, one also has to be familiar with the use of computers.
Whenever I translate something from English into Spanish, I prefer to use the familiar "tú" instead of the formal "usted".
The familiar argument against a proposed action that it is premature.
Filiberto lives in a very large apartment in a city we're not familiar with.
Let me ask you something, Dad, she began, in a tone of patiently controlled exasperation that every experienced parent is familiar with.
Download Shtooka Recorder and get familiar with it. You will be using it to record the sentences. It's a very useful program.
I'm sure that family is familiar with Japanese tastes in food. They've hosted quite a few Japanese exchange students.
The map on page 11 looks very strange. Turn it upside down. Then it becomes a familiar map to you.
In ancient China there were no cats; the cat that we are familiar with today was not imported into China from abroad until much later.
I grew up in this village, so all the houses are familiar.
But that morning, he found all those familiar chores very enjoyable.
For those of you not familiar with Tunbridge Wells, town which have a superhero.

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2. acquaintance

The man was not a friend, just an acquaintance she had met once or twice before.
I want to make her acquaintance.
I caught sight of an old acquaintance in the middle of the crowd.
I have an acquaintance with her.
a business acquaintance
His acquaintance runs a grocery in the country.
My acquaintance introduced me to his intimate fellows.
My acquaintance with his works is slight.
Should old acquaintance be forgot, And never brought to mind?
Do you have a business acquaintance in Randolph., Ltd?
She was a casual acquaintance of my family in Vienna.
The solicitor said that he was unable to take on the case, but he had an acquaintance that might be able to help.
He's not really a friend, just an acquaintance. Yesterday I ran into Mark, my old business acquaintance.
I have trouble remembering the names of all my acquaintances.

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3. acquaintance's

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4. friend of mine

A friend of mine invied me to stay at his place for a few weeks in summer.