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ávido angļu valodā:

1. greedy greedy

A miser hoards money not because he is prudent but because he is greedy.
The greedy little child ate all the food.
Greedy people always want more stuff.
I don't want to live in a greedy and selfish society.
That proposal may be a way to kill two birds with one stone, but we also have to be careful not to get greedy and spoil everything.
The greedy man was by no means satisfied with the reward.
Insatiably greedy.
Greedy cats are out for a fast buck.
Human society is a function of all humanity, those who profit most from it should pay the most for the benefit they gain, of course being greedy, they just want more.
Shylock is greedy, and what is worse, very stingy.
He is greedy. No, he's right to ask a reasonable amount for his work.
The next time you see somebody driving a Ferrari don't think, "This is somebody who is greedy."
Can a greedy person easily satisfy their appetite?
She's very greedy, because she always takes the last slice of pizza.
Some people are just greedy – they never have enough!

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2. avid avid

My grandpa was an avid collector of stamps.
She is an avid reader. On holidays, she can read even 20 books!
I'm an avid reader of biographies.
Jeremy is an avid video game player. He plays at least three hours every day.
She is avid for fame.
an avid reader
She is an avid reader of the Harry Potter book series and big fan of the movies.
an avid collector of antiques
Grandfather was an avid reader who hundreds of book
They are avid for fame. John is an avid collector of old jazz records
avid reader, avid windsurfer
Joe is such a keen, avid reader.
an avid football fan /an avid reader
She was clearly an avid person as she always wanted everything for herself and more.
One of the difficulties in creating effective mobile advertising campagin is that avid mobile users have a relatively short attention span.