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1. schedule schedule

Where's the schedule?
My supervisor looked at the revised schedule and nodded his agreement.
A schedule is an identity card for time, but, if you don't have a schedule, the time isn't there.
I hope that the jet lag isn't going to disturb my sleep schedule too much.
Do you know the concert schedule of London Symphony Orchestra?
In America, my schedule is different and unique nearly every day.
With regard to our appointment on February 27, I regret to inform you that I will not be able to keep it because my business trip schedule has been changed.
Right on schedule, that contractor came around today, begging for more time.
He organized his overcrowded schedule and managed to come to see my performance.
There and back, in total, it looks like being a schedule of about one week.
Mariela had a terrible time with her college advisors, who were worse at keeping her schedule together than she herself was.
Strange isn't it. By the schedule around now we should have all witnessed an UFO, and united in researching. "From 'witnessed' it's never gunna happen."
The job-seeking season is starting earlier each year and it's the mass media that are causing that trend by moving up their job interview schedule.
I'm sorry, I can't meet with you this week. I have a really busy schedule.
A budget is a plan or schedule adjusting expenses during a certain period to the estimated or fixed income for that period.

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2. timetable

a bus/train timetable
I looked up the arrival time in the timetable.
The revised timetable will go into effect on the 5th of this month.
The timetable was disrupted.
You can depend on the timetable to tell you when trains leave.
On the chalkboard there's written your new timetable.
Can you inform your students of the changes to their timetables?
I lost my timetable and I don't know which class I have now.
■ a complete list of works including a timetable for carrying them out, which will usually be a project schedul
I looked at the timetable and was horrified to see we had double Maths on Friday afternoons.
My timetable isn't good; I've got too many lessons!
On the door of the gym, there’s a timetable that shows when each class is on.
The first lesson on the timetable for Friday morning is geography.
I looked at my timetable to check where we have Geography
Look at the timetable to find out when and where all your lessons are.

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