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What does it mean to analyze art 'in context'?
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What does it mean to analyze art 'in con ?
We must consider art with reference to major ideas & events in religion, politics, and society.
We will explore the roles played by the individuals or groups involved in the creation, use, and experience of a work of art.
Consider the usage of the word.
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Artist ?
The term 'artist' is a relatively new term that didn't exist in other time periods and cultures. Moreover, the artist could be an individual V a group.
What are the different instances of patronage?
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Patron ?
The patron is a person or institution that sponsor the creation of an art piece, and they get to have a say in how the art is made. Patronage can occur privately, from an institution, or not at all in the case of the open market or no actual release.
How do art historians frame their observations of this factor?
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Viewer ?
The viewer's response should always be considered. Art historians can consider a non-specific, hypothetical viewer V a viewer with certain qualities.
What could be the motivations for the creation or viewing of art?
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What could be the motivations for the cr ?
Aesthetic, political, religious, or cultural
What must you know in order to understand a piece of art?
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What must you know in order to understan ?
The period & culture in which the artwork was made

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