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1. chanticleer chanticleer

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2. rooster's rooster's

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3. dory dory

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4. rooster rooster

I hate roosters.
She's even louder than the morning rooster.
It is the hen that makes the rooster crow.
Yesterday I went to Denizli and I saw a rooster near the coop.
The twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac come from eleven kinds of animals originating in nature, namely the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, horse, snake, monkey, rooster, dog and pig, as well as the legendary form of the dragon, and are used as a calendar.
Without doubt, what people worship first is what they see most often; for example, the animals that had the closest connection to people's lives, like the horse, the cow, the sheep, the rooster, the dog and so on.
The cow goes "moo," the rooster goes "cock-a-doodle-doo," the pig goes "oink, oink," the duck goes "quack, quack" and the cat goes "meow."

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