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1. sightly sightly

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2. beauteous beauteous

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3. handsome handsome

Kenji flatters himself that he is quite handsome.
Certainly he is handsome and intelligent, but there is something about him that I can't like.
A very handsome prince met an exceptionally beautiful princess.
How handsome!
Make a handsome profit of one thousand dollars.
She was young handsome vain and giddy and completely the slave of fashion.
Men are like bears: the uglier they are, the more handsome.
Wow, your brother is really handsome! "And what am I, chopped liver?"
David looks really handsome in his new clothes.
Her dream is to be whisked off her feet by a tall, dark handsome stranger.
A woman can be beautiful, man is usually called handsome.
It is nice to possess a handsome collection of certain type of objects.
a tall, handsome woman // a tall, handsome man
You should wear a suit more often, you look very handsome in it.
Felicja's children think that their father Lazarz is more handsome than Justin Bieber.

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4. bonny bonny

bonny baby
a bonny baby /lass

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5. goodly goodly

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6. beautiful beautiful

I'm beautiful.
Just because a river is beautiful doesn't mean that it is precious.
A beautiful object like that never loses its value.
The beautiful weather added to our pleasure.
Last week she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.
Tom makes beautiful furniture out of wood.
She was such a beautiful girl that everybody turned to look at her as she passed.
She's popular, not because she's beautiful, but because she's kind to everyone.
Natural dyes keep a more beautiful color over the years than artificial dyes.
They seem a little past their peak, but even so we enjoyed the beautiful cherry blossoms.
Our teacher was a beautiful lady, but was not the type of person who dressed up.
He was wearing black trousers and a beautiful white shirt.
Tom remembered how beautiful Mary had been when he first met her.
I guess that the beautiful girl will say goodbye to the shy young man.
When was the last time you told your wife she was beautiful?

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7. pretty pretty

She's pretty.
I had never eaten any kind of Thai food, so I was pretty excited about going to a Thai restaurant with my grandmother.
You're pretty calm cool and collected for somebody who has a major presentation tomorrow.
If you buddy up to everybody and anybody, pretty soon people will think you're just a people-pleaser.
He's a financial analyst with a pretty good reputation for his analysis of economic trends.
The first time, I spoke pretty much no Chinese at all, and didn't understand China's conventions and customs.
My haircut only cost 1,000 yen. That's pretty rare these days. He probably didn't have a license.
I guess my view on friendship is pretty bleak because I've never really had to rely on anyone for anything.
What're you doing? "The household books. Our finances are pretty tight so we have to do things properly."
Pretty soon we'd better wrap up this break and get back to work.
Pretty soon along came to the village some strangely dressed people who called themselves surveyors; and they surveyed a line in front of my grandmother's little house.
If you go drinking with Tom, be prepared to listen to some pretty outlandish cock and bull stories.
Pretty soon, there was an elevated train going back and forth just above the small village.
Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty lady is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves.
It's geared pretty much towards real fighting isn't it? Apart from the eyes, crotch, and attacks against fallen opponents just about anything goes ...

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