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facilement angļu valodā:

1. readily

Some computer instructions cannot be readily understood.
The cones of the jack pine, for example, do not readily open to release their seeds until they have been subjected to great heat.
Those products are readily available in shops all over the city. It's not hard to find them.
readily welded
People will accept your idea much more readily if you tell them Benjamin Franklin said it first.
That's a bankrupt idea, as the history of modern politics readily shows.
The noted diplomat readily participated in the committee.
Any offence against himself he forgave readily.
Although Hiroko dislikes cigarette smoke, she readily goes out drinking with friends.
He often organizes excursions in which we readily take part.
They should be more readily available in the federal system. On the cost side, the information is more readily available.
Flights and landings should be guarded at the sides to a height of 900mm. The construction should be that children will not readily be able to climb the guarding and a 100mm ball cannot pass through any openings in the guarding.
Following oromucosal administration of Effentora, fentanyl is readily absorbed with an absolute bioavailability of 65 %.
Many people spend money readily
The close-cropped lawn is beautiful in the eyes of a people whose inherited bent it is to readily find pleasure in contemplating a well-preserved pasture or grazing land.

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2. easily

He tires easily.
You can't easily put photos on an iPad from more than one computer. However, you can email photos to yourself from various computers and download these photos to your iPad.
One thing I don't like about the iPad is that you can't easily install apps that aren't available through Apple's App Store.
Throat and nose membranes hurt by dry air allow cold viruses to enter more easily. It is important to carry out sensible counter plans against the cold with heaters and against the dryness with humidifiers.
He understood and remembered easily everything that was taught to him; his teachers were very happy about it.
This may be because of a change in people's attitude toward marriage and the sharp increase of fast food restaurants and convenience stores which are open 24 hours a day and enable young people to live more easily.
I know from experience; playing football barefoot is a bad idea. You could easily end up with broken toes.
Fires are less frightening today than they once were, because more and more houses are built of concrete, and concrete houses do not burn as easily as the old wooden ones.
I think you fall well within 'cute girl'. You'd easily go and pass in his judgement.
An inexperienced stock speculator could easily let his business go to pot and lose his entire fortune.
Good doctors explain things to patients in easily understandable ways, using anatomical models and such.
If you could easily read anything in English, what would you like to read?
Simply follow the instructions below, and in no time you will be printing full color documents just as easily and quickly as black and white.
Our team could easily have brought home the bacon, if it weren't for the team's best man being injured.
The development of word-processors has enabled us to type Japanese easily.

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