vārdnīca Indonēzijas - angļu

Bahasa Indonesia - English

imam angļu valodā:

1. priest priest

The priest blessed us.
A priest was called in to give last rites to the dying man.
All at once, the Buddhist priest burst into laughter, spoiling the solemn atmosphere.
At the conclusion of the sermon, the priest said 'Jesus loves you'.
Pope meets pedophile priest victims in London.
I give up. What do an Irish priest and Congolese witch doctor have in common?
When he became drunk, he was quite an interesting priest, and he talked about various things.
According to one legend, it gets its name from a priest.
The priest seems to make it a practice to climb on the underdog's bandwagon and persuade the other side to compromise.
As the catterpillar chooses the fairest leaves to lay her eggs on, so the priest lays his curse on the fairest joys.
The man formerly known as the "priest" blessed a group of people that was formerly known as the "congregation", but could no longer be called so due to demanding technical criteria.
As a child, I used to tell everything to our priest
December 26th is now known as Boxing Day, for it was then that the priests of the Middle Ages opened alms boxes to give to the poor.
I heard that a gay priest had been promoted to the rank of bishop, but it turned out to be a fabrication.