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aanvrager angļu valodā:

1. applicant

Many people applied for this job, but Josephine was by far the best applicant.
The applicant impressed the examiner favorably.
The applicant will be coming to see you the day after tomorrow.
Does the applicant have suitable abilities to carry out the job?
Tom advised the job applicant to redo her resume.
The job applicant did not meet the expectations of the employer.
Being a student he cannot be considered as an applicant for this position.
One job applicant who was obviously trying to make a good impression wrote that she had taken up blood-donating.
We have too many applicants for the course.
All applicants must apply in writing to the HR department.
I'm surprised that there are not lot of applicants.
The successful applicant will be a bird keeper with at least two years’ experience of working with a variety of bird species.

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