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1. retirement retirement

Those approaching retirement age have the choice of working or not working.
I bought a small lot on the hillside in Southern France where I plan to build a retirement home.
retirement age
That company aims to reduce employee numbers by arranging a lot of retirement money for voluntary redundancies.
After retirement, Teresa devoted herself to caring for orphans.
He was paid one million dollars in retirement allowance.
After being proven innocent, the killer cucumber went into a well deserved retirement in Spain.
Such a judge should retire from his job before retirement age.
Age discrimination is illegal and retirement is mandatory in only a few occupations.
No wonder the retirement years are often referred to as the golden years.
On his retirement, the company gave him a gold watch as a goodbye present.
We all wish you a long and happy retirement. At 60, he was now approaching retirement.
The employee retires from work because he is a certain age- `age of retirement`.
The man had to postpone his retirement because there was nobody to replace him.
From graduation to retirement, Laowang worked as a teacher without intermission.