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1. gym gym

Our school's gym is under construction now.
If it should rain tomorrow afternoon, we will meet in the gym.
Where is a gym?
And also the gym uniform is still gym shorts, isn't it? I wonder why.
Do you have a fitness club or a gym in your town?
Yesterday, Tom was injured in a motorbike accident, so he can't attend gym class for the time being.
The appropriation is pin-money; it wouldn't be enough even to build a gym, much less build the administration building.
It's not like I've got any special interest in gym shorts - I've not got that fetish, I think.
I've developed a bit of a gut lately, so I've decided that, starting tomorrow, I'm going to go to the gym.
I've been going to the gym for six months now but I must be doing something wrong because I still don't see any improvement.
After the gym, I drink a glass of milk mixed with powdered protein.
He was really gung-ho when he started at the gym but after a few months he started slacking off and then stopped coming altogether.
As for physical exercise, although I loathe most sports (I think they're really boring), I do like going to the gym to lift weights.
A new gym will be open on our street.
Because there's the chance to help each other, as well as some healthy competition, I think going to the gym with friends is the best way.

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