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1. summit summit

The summit of the mountain is covered with snow.
It is in this room that the summit will be held.
By summit, do you mean the Group of Eight?
When I reached the summit, I was thoroughly worn out.
We'll make the summit of the hill by noon.
The view from the summit is very nice.
Daisuke climbed to the summit.
The summit talks are to be broadcast around the globe.
The summit conference was held for world peace.
I should have exiled myself to the summit of a mountain and spent my days growing bonsais and writing kanji in black ink.
After the summit, President Mitterand said that he dissociated himself from the statement.
It seemed to me that beauty was like the summit of a mountain peak; when you had reached it there was nothing to do but to come down again.
Make one more effort and you will reach the summit.
They carried on the summit conference till late.
They will make an assault on the summit, weather permitting.

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2. top top

This takes top priority.
Selena Gomez's second album hit Billboard Magazine's top two hundred albums chart at number four.
The children from the village would often gather up on top of the hill and from there watched the trucks and automobiles going back and forth to the city.
Be like the palm tree - the more it gets pressed by the cliff, the quicker and more beautiful its rise to the top.
I don't mind since I'm used to it, but the first guy who thought about making a hearse with a golden roof on top of it, he must have had quite bad taste.
Don't give in to despair just because you didn't get into the college that was at the top of your wish-list.
When my dad found out that I've been going out with Nimrod Nick, he blew his top.
I had a nagging feeling that the atmosphere resembled somebody and, now that you mention it, yes, you're right. Certainly ZZ TOP had this kind of feel.
No sooner had we finished working on one tough problem than the president sent us yet another straight from the top.
No matter how you look at it, Satoshi Kon was a top class director and mangaka.
I could not buy the 3 sen stamp to put on the letter, so it ended up staying for many days on top of the tokonoma.
On the way out I said to my waitress, "Be careful, Sue. There's something funny about the glasses you gave me - they're filled in on the top, and there's a hole on the bottom!"
I like you and that's why I'm not gonna put you to bed with a shovel this time. But if you squeal to the cops once more I'm gonna top you.
[tɒp] top

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