vārdnīca norvēģu - angļu

Norsk - English

ydmyk angļu valodā:

1. humble

your humble servant
Luciano, the underdog in the match, will be trying to make the champ eat humble pie.
I was charmed with it, adopted it, dropped my abrupt contradiction and positive argumentation, and put on the humble inquirer and doubter.
Last time I sent out my humble work, the afterword to "left-right", written on the promise that you'd keep it secret from him, this time it's the afterword to that afterword.
I would at last be humble and learn something from my father!
I feel it unfortunate that there is little of this kind of humble attitude amongst Japanese debaters.
The garden in which stands my humble abode is separated only by a lane from Rosings Park, her ladyship's residence.
I just need to stay humble and do my best to get a better job
Oskar Kawala was humble.
humble = modest. The definition of modest is someone or something that is humble or shy.
According to Catholic doctrine, women should be humble.
Ruth is one of the most gifted and humble people I have ever worked with.
She was humbled by the unexpected defeat.
One night in Bangkok make's a hard man humble Not much between despair and ecstasy One night in Bangkok and the tough guys tumble Can't be too careful with your company