vārdnīca poļu - angļu

język polski - English

żywopłot angļu valodā:

1. hedge hedge

The cat crept under the hedge.
A hedge between keeps friendship green.
He jumped over the hedge.
the rear is screened by your hedge
It's time to clip the hedge.
A hedge trimmer will save a you lot of effort, but for a small hedge a pair of garden shears will do the job quite well.
The permission is hedged about with strict conditions.
We have a hedge around our fencing.
My dad has to cut the hedge every summer because it grows so high.
This house is surrounded by high hedge.
In England; you typically see hedges between fields.
The messenger was confronted with a hedge of spears held by the castle guards
Every big bet we hedge and after a while...
The grass was left long and weedy in the slate walk, and very often he wasn't cutting the grass on the other side of the hedge by the road at all.

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2. hedgerow hedgerow

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