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1. supplier supplier

Our supplier has changed the prices.
Who's your vegetables supplier?
The company contracts many suppliers.
We have to look for another supplier.
without authorisation the supplier is unlikely to supply the goods
To feed such systems, integration with worker information, billing rate and suppliers (agents) can be done upon hiring.
We are an important market and a source of investment, just as Russia is a very important supplier to us.
The supplier delivers the goods every Monday.
Often, it is easiest simply to change the account name for the existing suppliers to the property, rather than change suppliers, which you can do at a later date.
I am also responsible for coordinating suppliers of building materials and equipment.
How to set the price for suppliers?
Needless to say, Norway has become the world's second largest oil supplier.

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2. provider

service provider
In case of any problems with data transfer, please contact your local Internet service provider.
I changed the internet provider recently.
Netflix is an American provider of on-demand internet streaming media.
My husband isn't quite the provider he should be.

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3. purveyor

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4. deliveryman

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5. deliver

Vaccines deliver antibodies that fight disease.
I'm certain we can deliver the laboratory equipment by March 15th.
He delivered newspapers.
Please order this product by February 15, and we will be able to deliver it before March 15.
And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.
We deliver your order free of charge within a 20-mile limit.
Because of the contract, he is bound to deliver them.
Please inform us as to what quantity you can deliver at regular intervals.
Deliver us from evil.
My new TV will be delivered tomorrow morning.
deliver its opinion on the investment made in
I’m having some flowers delivered for her birthday.
The company failed to deliver the high quality service that we expect.
He delivered a long speech. There are two parcel deliveries a week.

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6. vendor

He bought a copy from a newspaper vendor.
street vendors
I've bought some vegetables from a street vendor. The company is among leading software vendors.
I need to find a meat vendor in this town
the vendor gives the beggar water
In the streets, vendors sell Father Christmas hats, and reindeer horns!
Be careful about buying food from street vendors.
our local vendor offers good quality products
Istio is an open technology that provides a way for developers to seamlessly connect, manage and secure networks of different microservices, regardless of platform, source or vendor.
The ice cream vendor is waiting on customers at his outdoor stand.

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7. deliverer

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8. supply

Scientists will come up with new methods of increasing the world's food supply.
Between meals, he usually manages to stow away a generous supply of candy, ice cream, popcorn and fruit.
power supply
Because a new commodity is announced, it is in good supply every three months.
One problem is how the enterprises arrange posts for excellent female students, but another important point is whether the educational industry can grow and supply creative students needed for Japan's future.
As the centuries went by and England became more crowded, the people found their food supply a great problem.
In Japan it's generally thought that Germany's water supply isn't suitable for drinking, but this is a mistake.
They arrived in Southern Rhodesia, and there was a choice of an immigrants' camp, consisting of mud huts with a communal water supply, or a hotel; and they chose the hotel, being what are known as people of means.
I've heard that if you default on the water rates your water supply will be suspended, is that true?
The current imbalance between supply and demand is considered to reflect structural changes on the demand side, rather than being a cyclical phenomenon.
a supply of water, food supplies / Someone has turned off the electricity supply.
A healthy diet should supply all necessary vitamins and minerals.
"We must supply safe and high-quality food at affordable prices.
Bill got a job supplying buffalo meat to the men building the Kansas Pacific rail- road.
Why would the electricity company disconnect your supply? The electricity company would disconnect your supply if you hadn't paid your bill.

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9. contractor

Right on schedule, that contractor came around today, begging for more time.
Are there toilet facilities for the contractors?
Do you know which contractor won the tender?
Our contractor installed the wrong equipment and now we’re having major problems.
The contractor now has a period of 20 days in which to correct the existing problems.
He is a contractor who has recently started a new business.
They have introduced contractual penalties so as to put added pressure on the contractor.

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