vārdnīca poļu - angļu

język polski - English

mandat angļu valodā:

1. fine fine

It's fine.
There is a fine line between speech that is terse and to the point and speech that is too abrupt.
It's fine to set up a web page, just be sure you don't infringe anybody's copyright.
Which line should I get in? "Any line is fine."
How about going surfing at Hayama next Sunday if it is fine?
It seems, from books, that the colonizers and adventurers went sailing off to a new fine life, a new country, opportunities, and so forth.
I was asked, "You OK, kid?". I replied, "Fine."
I dreamt a dream last night, about silk and fine cloth or about equality and fair trial.
One fine morning in spring along came the great-great-granddaughter of the man who had built this house.
Y-You OK? Not hurt?, I enquire timidly. "Ah, no, I'm fine."
If the demolition of buildings is uncontrolled, a fine city is in danger of becoming nothing more than a concrete jungle.
Just stay off your feet for the next couple of weeks, and you'll be just fine.
Fine. I'd be very happy if you would drop me a line as soon as you get to Mwanza.
Your fine, curly hair looks as appetizing as glass noodles.
It's fine, Dima laughed. "I'm still growing, after all. I'll grow into it."

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2. ticket

Ticket, please.
It wasn't my lucky day. First, I got a parking ticket and then things went from bad to worse when I got pulled over for making a U-turn.
Are you going to buy a lottery ticket? "I don't think I'm lucky at gambling."
Scarcely had I reached the airport before I realized I had forgotten my ticket.
Steve had to shell out $50.00 for the speeding ticket he got last week.
The ticket for your return journey has been arranged for.
To take an express train, we have to get an express ticket in addition to an ordinary ticket.
Lately the discount airline ticket system has gotten so complicated that there's a lot about it I can't figure out.
Dear passengers! If you get on a means of transport and don't have a season ticket, punch a one-time ticket without waiting for the next station.
Lately you see more young couples making out at the train station ticket gates acting as though nobody in the world existed.
She hoped that getting this job would finally be her ticket to success.
The ticket clerk found baggage placed under a bench in the hall, and the ticking sound inside it made him worried.
John took the lion's share of the lottery winnings; he claimed it was his idea to buy the ticket in the first place.
In the past I used to vote the Democratic ticket, but from now on I'll climb on the Republicans' bandwagon.
It was Sir Anthony's eightieth birthday concert and everybody wanted a ticket.

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3. mandate

learning english is a mandate for work in England

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4. traffic ticket

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5. parking fine

I left my car on double yellow lines and I got a parking fine.
left my car on double yellow lines and I got a parking fine.

6. a police ticket

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