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1. kindergarten kindergarten

Tom can't remember his kindergarten teacher's name.
My five year old daughter always goes to kindergarten happy and full of energy.
I'm thinking about complaining about my son's teacher at the kindergarten.
Today is Jessica's first day of kindergarten
The kindergarten children were walking hand in hand in the park.
I will not be able to pick up Shigemi at the kindergarten.
My son loves his kindergarten.
at this kindergarten children can develop their natural abilities
What do children learn in kindergarten?
4 year old Leyla has started going to kindergarten.
When your child go to the kindergarten? Not yet. She shouldn’t to use nappies.
Diana returned to England and became a kindergarten assistant
As a child I went to a kindergarten because both my parents worked.
I went to the kindergarten when I was four.
Clava loves all things irrational, and works at the kindergarten for precisely that reason.

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2. nursery school

Children often settle in at primary school better if they’ve been to nursery school.
My youngest child has just started nursery school.

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3. preschool

Admission is free for preschool children.
You may think you're advantaging your child by having him run a standardized test to get into preschool, but don't come crying to me when he joins me at a rave in fifteen years.

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4. nursery

She leaves her children at the nursery.
What's your favorite nursery rhyme?
I understand you're looking for a record album of nursery rhymes.
It looks like Yokkun's dad ran off with his nursery school teacher.
The youngest child spent every morning at a nursery.
She had to send her child to a nursery after she had gone back to work.
children can go to nursery."
Between ages 2 and 4 some children go to nursery school.
I was sent to nursery when I was 2 years old because my mother returned to work.
She goes to nursery every day now.
Does Jake go to a nursery or a ​childminder?
Both our children were in a nursery from about three months old and arrived at the school gate when it opened
nursery place where very young children are looked after while their parents are at work
The nursery would be for children between two and four years old.
The nursery toilet door was shut.

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5. school nursery

6. daycare

Could you please pick Shigemi up for me at the day-care center?

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