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Accurately describe this object.
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It was made during the Predynastic Era for cosmetics. It depicts king's power in battle, wearing crowns of Upper & Lower Egypt, shows Hathor as bull horns, and starts use of narrative registers, hieratic scale, canon of proportions & composite body pose.
Hieratic scale _____.
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was used to represent kings and other important individuals
The noun "ground" when used by art historians is a term that usually refers to _____.
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painting, a surface, or powdered pigment
This is ______________.
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the "heretic king" Akhenaten with his wife and daughters, a relief sculpture, an image that comes from a brief period of monotheism in Egypt, and a break with traditional depictions of the pharaoh in Egypt.
This structure ______________.
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is the Stepped Pyramid of Djoser, dates to before the Great Pyramids @ Giza, was designed by Imhotep, was part of an innovative building complex—included one of 1st uses of columns in post & lintel architecture—and had a different purpose than Ziggurats

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