English Basic Adjectives

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sākt mācīties
open and honest
The mayor; despite his avuncular face plastered about the city; was hardly aboveboard -- some concluded that it was his ingratiating smile that allowed him to engage in corrupt behavior and get away with it.
I can't believe you've bought this painting. It's abysmal!
sākt mācīties
extremely bad
Coach Ramsey took his newest player off the field after watching a few painful minutes of her abysmal performance.
sākt mācīties
likeable; easy to talk to
For all his surface affability; Marco was remarkably glum when he wasn't around other people.
sākt mācīties
The center of the city had sadly become a pit of penury; while; only five miles away; multi-million dollar homes spoke of affluence.
She seemed an amiable girl, but then I was disappointed with her impoliteness.
sākt mācīties
Amy's name was very apt: she was so amiable that she was twice voted class president.
The experience of being exhausted is in a way analogous to drunkenness.
sākt mācīties
similar in some respects but otherwise different
In many ways; the Internet's transformative effect on society has been analogous to that of the printing press.
sākt mācīties
old-fashioned; belonging to an earlier period in time
Aunt Betty had antiquated notions about marriage; believing that a man should court a woman for at least a year before receiving a kiss.
sākt mācīties
something that is a concise and instructive of a general truth or principle Sometimes I can't stand Nathan because he tries to impress everyone by being aphoristic; but he just states the obvious.
sākt mācīties
large enough to be noticed (usu. refers to an amount)
There is an appreciable difference between those who say they can get the job done and those who actually get the job done.
"Thy" is an archaic word, nobody uses it anymore.
sākt mācīties
so old as to appear to belong to a different period
Hoping to sound intelligent; Mary spoke in archaic English that was right out of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice--needless to say; she didn't have many friends.
sākt mācīties
marked by active interest and enthusiasm
Martin is an avid birdwatcher; often taking long hikes into remote mountains to see some rare eagle.
sākt mācīties
appropriate; and matches nicely
Her dress was becoming and made her look even more beautiful. This word has other definitions but this is the most important one for the GRE
sākt mācīties
warlike; inclined to quarrel
Known for their bellicose ways; the Spartans were once the most feared people from Peloponnesus to Persia.
sākt mācīties
(medicine) not dangerous to health; not recurrent or progressive
The tumor located in your ear lobe seems to be benign and should not cause you any trouble.
sākt mācīties
having a depressing or gloomy outlook
Unremitting overcast skies tend to lead people to create bleak literature and lugubrious music -- compare England's band Radiohead to any band from Southern California.
sākt mācīties
very close and convivial
He was a boon companion to many; and will be sadly missed.
sākt mācīties
ill-mannered and coarse or contemptible in behavior or appearance Bukowski was known for being a boorish drunk and alienating close friends and family.
sākt mācīties
very pale, thin, or bony
Some actors take challenging roles in which they have to lose so much weight that they appear cadaverous.
sākt mācīties
a straightforward and honest look at something
Even with a perfect stranger; Charles was always candid and would rarely hold anything back.
sākt mācīties
of primary importance; fundamental
Most cultures consider gambling a cardinal sin and thus have outlawed its practice. This word has other definitions but this is the most important one for the GRE
sākt mācīties
persistently petty and unjustified criticism
What seemed like incessant nagging and carping about my behavior from my mother turned out to be wise and useful advice that has served me well.
sākt mācīties
given to haughty disregard of others
Percy dismissed the issue with a cavalier wave of his hand.
sākt mācīties
involving intelligence rather than emotions or instinct
A cerebral analysis of most pop music finds it to be simple and childish; but that ignores the point--the music's effect on the listener. This word has other definitions but this is the most important one for the GRE
sākt mācīties
one that is marked by disreputable happenings
One by one; the presidential candidates dropped out of the race; their respective checkered pasts-- from embezzlement to infidelity--sabotaging their campaigns. This word has other definitions but this is the most important one for the GRE
sākt mācīties
being attentive to women like an ideal knight
Marco's chivalrous ways; like opening doors and pulling out chairs; was much appreciated by his date.
sākt mācīties
clear and persuasive
A cogent argument will change the minds of even the most skeptical audience.
sākt mācīties
well integrated; forming a united whole
A well-written; cohesive essay will keep on topic at all times; never losing sight of the main argument.
Eiffel Tower is not big, it is colossal!
sākt mācīties
so great in size or force or extent as to elicit awe
Few appreciate the colossal scale of the sun: if hollow; it could contain a million Earths.
For your commendable effort I would like to give you a rise.
sākt mācīties
worthy of high praise
The efforts of the firefighters running into the burning building were commendable.
sākt mācīties
contented to a fault with oneself or one's actions
After the water polo team won their sixth championship; they became complacent and didn't even make it to the playoffs the next year.
sākt mācīties
enhancing each other's qualities (for two things or more).
The head waiter was careful to tell the amateur diners that red wine was complementary with beef; each bringing out subtle taste notes in the other.
sākt mācīties
making a situation or outcome more likely to happen
Studying in a quiet room is conducive to learning; studying in a noisy environment makes learning more difficult.
sākt mācīties
having or revealing supreme mastery or skill
Tyler was the consummate musician: he was able to play the guitar; harmonica; and the drum at the same time. This word has other definitions but this is the most important one for the GRE
sākt mācīties
scornful; looking down at others with a sneering attitude
Always on the forefront of fashion; Vanessa looked contemptuously at anyone wearing dated clothing.
sākt mācīties
to be remorseful
Though he stole his little sister's licorice stick with malevolent glee; Chucky soon became contrite when his sister wouldn't stop crying.
sākt mācīties
describing a lively atmosphere
The wedding reception was convivial; friends who hadn't seen each other for ages drank and ate together before heading to the dance floor.
sākt mācīties
highly complex or intricate
Instead of solving the math problem in three simple steps; Kumar used a convoluted solution requiring fifteen steps.
sākt mācīties
comprising many cultures; global in reach and outlook
There are few cities in the world as diverse and cosmopolitan as New York.
sākt mācīties
deserving of praise but not that amazing
Critics agreed the movie was creditable; but few gave it more than three out of five stars.
sākt mācīties
difficult to handle or use especially because of size or weight
Only ten years ago; being an avid reader and a traveler meant carrying a cumbersome backpack stuffed with books--these days we need only an e-reader.
sākt mācīties
to be modest and shy
The portrait of her in a simple white blouse was sweet and demure.
sākt mācīties
abusing vocally; expressing contempt or ridicule
I was surprised by her derisive tone; usually; she is sweet; soft spoken; and congenial.
sākt mācīties
expressed as worthless or in negative terms
Never before have we seen a debate between two political candidates that was so derogative and filthy.
sākt mācīties
" completely wanting or lacking (usually ""destitute of"") Now that the mine is closed; the town is destitute of any economic activity."
sākt mācīties
" (sometimes followed by ""to"") causing harm or injury"
Many know that smoking is detrimental to your health; but processed sugar in large quantities is equally bad.
sākt mācīties
to be extremely wicked like the devil
The conspirators; willing to dispatch anyone who stood in their way; hatched a diabolical plan to take over the city.
sākt mācīties
in terrible condition
The main house has been restored but the gazebo is still dilapidated and unuseable.
sākt mācīties
characterized by care and perseverance in carrying out tasks
Michael was a diligent gardener; never leaving a leaf on the ground and regularly watering each plant.
sākt mācīties
careful and prudent in one's speech or actions, especially in order to keep something confidential or to avoid embarrassment.
The professor thought that he was discreet; subtly wiping the stain off of his shirt; but as soon as he stepped off the podium a member of the audience pointed out the large ketchup stain.
sākt mācīties
made less hopeful or enthusiastic
After the visiting team scored nine times; the home team's fans were disheartened; some leaving the game early.
sākt mācīties
two things are fundamentally different
With the advent of machines capable of looking inside the brain; fields as disparate as religion and biology have been brought together by scientists trying to understand what happens in the brain when people have a religious experience.
sākt mācīties
easily handled or managed; willing to be taught or led or supervised or directed Barnyard animals are considerably more docile than the wild animals.
sākt mācīties
highly unconventional or usual (usually describes a person)
Mozart was well-known for his eccentricities; often speaking words backward to confuse those around him.
sākt mācīties
marked by complexity and richness of detail
Thomas; on returning from Morocco; replaced his dirty gray carpet with an elaborate one he'd brought back with him.
sākt mācīties
difficult to capture or difficult to remember
Many first time skydivers say that describing the act of falling from the sky is elusive.
sākt mācīties
involved in argument or contention
These days we are never short of a D.C. politician embroiled in scandal--a welcome phenomenon for those who; having barely finished feasting on the sordid details of one imbroglio; can sink their teeth into a fresh one.
sākt mācīties
showing understanding and ready comprehension of other peoples' states and emotions
Most discrimination and hatred is based on a lack of empathetic awareness of people that have the same aspitations and fears.
sākt mācīties
native; originating where it is found
Irish cuisine makes great use of potatoes; but ironically; the potato is not endemic to Ireland.
sākt mācīties
to be wandering; not sticking to a circumscribed path; erring or straying from the accepted course or standards.
Unlike his peers; who spent their hours studying in the library; Matthew preferred errant walks through the university campus.
My girlfriend is really erratic. One day she's caring and loving, and the other day she is angry with me for no reason.
sākt mācīties
unpredictable; strange and unconventional
It came as no surprise to pundits that the President's attempt at re-election floundered; even during his term; support for his policies was erratic; with an approval rating jumping anywhere from 30 to 60 percent.
sākt mācīties
deliberately vague or ambiguous
Every time I call the bank; I receive the same evasive answers about our mortgage and never get a clear response.
sākt mācīties
without partiality
Teachers often have trouble being evenhanded to all of their varied students.
sākt mācīties
extremely painful
After the boulder rolled a couple of feet; pinning my friend's arm; he experienced excruciating pain.
sākt mācīties
making less guilty or more forgivable
The jury was hardly moved by the man's plea that his loneliness was an extenuating factor in his crime of dognapping a prized pooch.
sākt mācīties
cleverly amusing in tone
Facetious behavior will not be tolerated during sex eduation class; it's time for all of you to treat these matters like mature adults.
sākt mācīties
liable to sudden unpredictable change; esp. in affections or attachments
She was so fickle in her politics; it was hard to pinpoint her beliefs; one week she would embrace a side; and the next week she would denounce it.
sākt mācīties
young and inexperienced; describing any new participant in some activity
Murray has years of experience in family practice; but he is just a fledgling in surgery.
sākt mācīties
to be in abundance
The exam's passage is flush with difficult words; words that you may have learned only yesterday.
sākt mācīties
marked by defiant disregard for danger or consequences
The police regularly face dangerous situations; so for a police officer not to wear his bullet-proof vest is foolhardy.
sākt mācīties
characterized by directness in manner or speech; without subtlety or evasion
I did not expect the insurance agent to give us any straight answers; but I was pleasent surprised by how forthright he was.
sākt mācīties
producing no result or effect; unproductive of success
I thought I could repair the car myself; but after two days of work with no success; I have to admit that my efforts were futile.
sākt mācīties
agreeable; conducive to comfort
Betty is a genial young woman: everyone she meets is put at ease by her elegance and grace.
sākt mācīties
marked by refinement in taste and manners
A live string quartet would provide a more genteel air to the wedding than would a folk singer.
sākt mācīties
(of a person) speaking with ease but without sincerity
I have found that the more glib the salesman; the worse the product.
sākt mācīties
dull and lacking excitement
Having grown up in a humdrum suburb; Jacob relished life in New York City after moving.
sākt mācīties
contrary to or forbidden by law
Though Al Capone was engaged in many illicit activities; he was finally arrested for income tax evasion; a relatively minor offense.
sākt mācīties
not relevant
The judge found the defendant's comments immaterial to the trial; and summarily dismissed him from the witness stand.
sākt mācīties
without fault or error
He was impeccably dressed in the latest fashion without a single crease or stain.
sākt mācīties
close in time; about to occur
The impending doom of our world has been a discussed and debated for 2000 years--maybe even longer.
sākt mācīties
does not allow fluids to pass through
The sand bags placed on the river formed an impermeable barrier; protecting the town from flooding.
sākt mācīties
impossible to estimate or figure out
According to many lawmakers; the huge variety of factors affecting society make devising an efficient healthcare system an imponderable task.
sākt mācīties
immune to attack; incapable of being tampered with
As a child; Amy would build pillow castles and pretend they were impregnable fotresses.
sākt mācīties
happening by chance or unexpectedly or unintentionally
Although Prohibition was rooted in noble ideals; the inadvertent and costly consequences of making alcohol illegal in the U.S. led its the repeal.
sākt mācīties
without or deprived of the use of speech or words
Although a brilliant economist; Professor Black was completely inarticulate; a terrible lecturer.
sākt mācīties
uninterrupted in time and indefinitely long continuing
I don't mind small children in brief doses; but I think the incessant exposure that their parents have to them would quickly wear me down.
sākt mācīties
(of the weather) unpleasantly cold or wet; (of the weather) harsh and unmerciful
When packing for a trip to the Caribbean bring tank tops and shorts, but don't forget a raincoat in case of inclement weather. Marcus Aurelius; though a fair man; was inclement to Christians during his reign; persecuting them violently.
sākt mācīties
necessary (for someone) as a duty or responsibility
Middle managers at times make important decisions; but real responsibility for the financial well-being of the corporation is ultimately incumbent on the CEO.
sākt mācīties
originating in a certain area
The plants and animals indigenous to Australia are notably different from those indigenous to the U. S-- one look at a duckbill platypus and you know you're not dealing with an opossum.
sākt mācīties
feeling anger over a perceived injustice
"When the cyclist swerved into traffic; it forced the driver to brake and elicited an indignant shout of ""Hey; punk; watch where you're going!"""
sākt mācīties
characterized by hard work and perseverance
Pete was an industrious student; completing every assignment thoroughly and on time.
sākt mācīties
extremely controversial; incendiary
It only takes one person to leave an inflammable comment on an Internet thread for that thread to blow up into pages upon pages of reader indignation.
sākt mācīties
dull and uninteresting
The movie director was known for hiring beautiful actors in order to deflect attention away from the insipid scripts he would typically use.
sākt mācīties
unable to pay one's bills; bankrupt
With credit card bills skyrocketing; a shockingly large number of Americans are truly insolvent.
sākt mācīties
stopping and starting at irregular intervals
The intermittent thunder continued and the night was punctuated by cracks of lightning--a surreal sleepless night.
sākt mācīties
quickly aroused to anger
If Arthur's dog is not fed adequately; he becames highly irascible; even growling at his own shadow.
sākt mācīties
uncertain how to act or proceed
He stood irresolute at the split in the trail; not sure which route would lead back to the camp.
sākt mācīties
characterized by jokes and good humor
My uncle was always in a jocular mood at family gatherings; messing up people's hair and telling knock- knock jokes to anyone who would listen.
The business trip is going to be extremely laborious.
sākt mācīties
characterized by effort to the point of exhaustion; especially physical effort
The most laborious job I've had was working 20 hours a day as a fisherman in King Salmon; Alaska.
sākt mācīties
openly distrustful and unwilling to confide
Without checking his references and talking to previous employers; I am leery of hiring the candidate.
sākt mācīties
lacking energy
Nothing can make a person more lethargic than a big turkey dinner.
sākt mācīties
(of language) transparently clear; easily understandable
Though Walters writes about physics and time travel; his writing is always lucid; so readers with little scientific training can understand difficult concepts.
sākt mācīties
suggesting the horror of death and decay; gruesome
Edgar Allen Poe was considered the master of the macabre; his stories vividly describe the moment leading up to--and often those moments after--a grisly death.
sākt mācīties
wishing or appearing to wish evil to others; arising from intense ill will or hatred
Villians are known for their malevolent nature; oftentimes inflicting cruetly on others just for enjoyment
sākt mācīties
easily influenced
My little brother is so malleable that I can convince him to sneak cookies from the cupboard for me.
sākt mācīties
having an unpleasant smell
Some thermally active fountains spew sulfur fumes--the air around them is sometimes so malodorous that many have to plug their noses.
sākt mācīties
suggesting war or military life
Americans tend to remember Abraham Lincoln as kindly and wise; not at all martial; despite the fact that he was involved in the fiercest war America has even fought.
sākt mācīties
open to argument or debate; undecidable in a meaningless or irrelevant way
Since the Board just terminated Steve as the CEO; what the finance committe might have thought of his proposed marketing plan for next year is now a moot point. This word has other definitions but this is the most important one for the GRE
sākt mācīties
ill-tempered and not inclined to talk; gloomy
After Stanley found out he was no longer able to go on vacation with his friends; he sat in his room morosely.
sākt mācīties
softened; subdued
Helen preferred muted earth colors; such as green and brown; to the bright pinks and red her sister liked. This word has other definitions but this is the most important one for the GRE
sākt mācīties
stubbornly persistent in changing an opinion or action
No number of pleas and bribes would get him to change his obdurate attitude.
sākt mācīties
showing a cheerful willingness to do favors for others
"Even after all his success; I found him to be accommodating and obliging; sharing with me his ""secret tips"" on how to gain wealth and make friends."
sākt mācīties
resistant to guidance or discipline; stubbornly persistent
The coach suggested improvements Sarah might make on the balance beam; but she remained obstinate; unwilling to modify any of the habits that made her successful in the past.
sākt mācīties
elaborately or highly decorated
The ornate Victorian and Edwardian homes spread throughout San Francisco are my favorite part of the city.
sākt mācīties
seemingly contradictory but nonetheless possibly true
That light could be both a particle and a wave seems paradoxical; but nonetheless; it is true.
sākt mācīties
relating to the countryside in a pleasant sense
Those who imagine America's countryside as a pastoral region are often disappointed to learn that much of rural U.S. is filled with cornfields extending as far as the eye can see.
sākt mācīties
easily irritated or annoyed
Our office manager is peevish; so the rest of us tip-toe around him; hoping not to set off another one of his fits.
sākt mācīties
lasting an indefinitely long time; eternal; everlasting
Even at the old-timers games; Stan Musial would get the loudest cheer: he was a perennial favorite of the fans there. This word has other definitions but this is the most important one for the GRE
sākt mācīties
having precise or logical relevance to the matter at hand
While the salaries of the players might draw attention in the media; such monetary figures are not pertinent to the question of who plays the best on the field.
sākt mācīties
having an agreeably pungent taste
The chef; with a mere flick of the salt shaker; turned the bland tomato soup into a piquant meal.
sākt mācīties
concise and full of meaning
I enjoy reading the Daodejing for its pithy and insightful prose; it always gives me something to think about.
sākt mācīties
not easily irritated
Doug is normally placid; so we were all shocked to see him yelling at the television when the Mets lost the game.
sākt mācīties
(of movement) slow and laborious
Charlie may seem to run at a plodding pace; but he is an ultramarathoner; meaning he runs distances of up to 100 miles; and can run for ten hours at a stretch.
sākt mācīties
fraught with danger
People smoke to relax and forget their cares; but ironically; in terms of health risks; smoking is far more precarious than either mountain-climbing or skydiving.
sākt mācīties
done before someone else can do it
Just as Martha was about to take the only cookie left on the table; Noah preemptively swiped it.
sākt mācīties
confident that something will happen or that somebody will do something without making sure first, in a way that annoys people
Many felt that Barney was presumptuous in moving into the large office before the management even made any official announcement of his promotion.
sākt mācīties
Immaculately clean and unused
Drill sergeants are known for demanding pristine cabinets; uniforms; and beds; and often make new recruits clean and clean and clean until they meet the expected high standards.
sākt mācīties
plentiful; pouring out in abundance
During mile 20 of the Hawaii Marathon; Dwayne was sweating so profusely that he stopped to take off his shirt; and ran the remaining six miles wearing nothing more than skimpy shorts.
sākt mācīties
under terms not final or fully worked out or agreed upon
Until the corporate office hands down a definitive decision on use of the extra offices; we will share their use in a provisional arrangement.
sākt mācīties
eager to fight or argue; verbally combative
"The comedian told one flat joke after another; and when the audience started booing; he pugnaciously back at them; ""Hey; you think this is easy -- why don""t you buffoons give it a shot?"""
sākt mācīties
marked by a carefree unconventionality or disreputableness
The men found him raffish; but the women adored his smart clothes and casual attitude.
sākt mācīties
marked by a carefree unconventionality or disreputableness
As soon as he arrived in the city; the rakish young man bought some drugs and headed straight for the seedy parts of town.
sākt mācīties
marked by defiant disregard for danger or consequences; imprudently incurring risk Although Bruce was able to make the delivery in time with a nightime motorcycle ride in the rain; Susan
criticized his actions as rash. This word has other definitions but this is the most important one for the GRE
sākt mācīties
" to be negligent in one""s duty"
Remiss in his duty to keep the school functioning efficiently; the principle was relieved of his position after only three months.
sākt mācīties
completely stocked or furnished with something
Only weeks after the hurricane made landfall; the local supermarket shelves were replete with goods; so quick was the disaster relief response.
sākt mācīties
to be shy; and to be inclined to retract from company
"Nelson was always the first to leave soirees--rather than mill about with ""fashionable"" folk; he was retiring; and preferred the solitude of his garret."
sākt mācīties
sturdy and strong in form; constitution; or construction
Chris preferred bland and mild beers; but Bhavin preferred a beer with more robust flavor.
sākt mācīties
making a show of being pious; holier-than-thou
Even during the quiet sanctity of evening prayer; she held her chin high; a sanctimonious sneer forming on her face as she eyed those who were attending church for the first time.
sākt mācīties
cheerful; optimistic
With the prospect of having to learn 3;000 words during the course of the summer; Paul was anything but sanguine.
sākt mācīties
well-informed or perceptive
With his savvy business partner; the company was able to turn a profit within a year.
sākt mācīties
describes someone who is brilliant and lively
Richard Feynman was renowned for his scintillating lectures--the arcana of quantum physics was made lucid as he wrote animatedly on the chalkboard.
sākt mācīties
effusively or insincerely emotional; especially in art; music; and literature
I don't like romanticism for the same reason I don't like melodramatic acting and soap operas--overly sentimental.
sākt mācīties
calm and peaceful
I'd never seen him so serene; usually; he was a knot of stress and anxiety from hours of trading on the stock exchange.
sākt mācīties
carelessly and hastily put together
The office building had been constructed in a slapdash manner; so it did not surprise officials when; during a small earthquake; a large crack emerged on the façade of the building.
sākt mācīties
marked by excessive complacency or self-satisfaction
When Phil was dating the model; he had a smug attitude that annoyed his buddies.
sākt mācīties
expressive of contempt; derogatory or mocking in an indirect way
The chairman interpreted Taylor's question about promotions as a snide remark; but in all innocence Taylor was trying to figure out the company's process.
sākt mācīties
involving ignoble actions and motives; arousing moral distaste and contempt; foul and run-down and repulsive
The nightly news simply announced that the senator had had an affair; but the tabloid published all the sordid details of the interaction. This word has other definitions but this is the most important one for the GRE
sākt mācīties
characterized by dignity and propriety
Frank came from a staid enviroment; so he was shocked that his college rooommate sold narcotics.
sākt mācīties
marked by firm determination or resolution; not shakable
A good captain needs to be steadfast; continuing to hold the wheel and stay the course even during the most violent storm.
sākt mācīties
having or revealing little emotion or sensibility; not easily aroused or excited Elephants may appear stolid to casual observers; but they actually have passionate emotional lives.
sākt mācīties
unfriendly and rude
Every morning; Bhavin was a surly unhappy person; but once he ate breakfast; he became loving; laughing; and a joy to be around.
sākt mācīties
showy but cheap and of poor quality.
Carol expected to find New York City magical; the way so many movies had portrayed it; but she was surprised how often tawdry displays took the place of genuine elegance.
sākt mācīties
use to the limit; exhaust
The hike to the summit of Mt. Whitney was so taxing that I could barely speak or stand up. This word has other definitions but this is the most important one for the GRE
sākt mācīties
significant and revealing of another factor
Her unbecoming dress was very telling when it came to her sense of fashion.
sākt mācīties
The many telltale signs of chronic smoking include yellow teeth; and a persistent; hacking cough.
sākt mācīties
very thorough; complete
As a thoroughgoing bibliophile; one who had turned his house into a veritable library; he shocked his friends when he bought a Kindle.
sākt mācīties
spending money wisely
He was economical; spending his money thriftily and on items considered essential.
sākt mācīties
lasting a very short time
If we lived forever and life was not transitory; do you think we would appreciate life less or more?
I thought you are twins, not friends! There is an uncanny resemblance between you two.
sākt mācīties
suggesting the operation of supernatural influences; surpassing the ordinary or normal
Reggie has an uncanny ability to connect with animals: feral cats will readily approach him; and sometimes even wild birds will land on his finger.
sākt mācīties
not making concessions
The relationship between Bart and Hilda ultimately failed because they were both so uncompromising; never wanting to change their opinions.
sākt mācīties
unreasonable; unscrupulous; excessive
The lawyer's demands were so unconscionable that rather than pay an exorbitant sum or submit himself to any other inconveniences; the defendant decided to find a new lawyer.
sākt mācīties
having never been done or known before; novel
When America first created its national parks; the idea of setting aside the most beautiful land in a country was unprecedented in the history of mankind.
sākt mācīties
(of persons) noisy and lacking in restraint or discipline; unwilling to submit to authority
Walk in to any preschool and I am sure that you will find an unruly and chaotic scene--unless it's nap time.
sākt mācīties
not in keeping with accepted standards of what is right or proper in polite society
He acted in an unseemly manner; insulting the hostess and then speaking ill of her deceased husband.
sākt mācīties
(of a person) courteous and refined in manner
Because of his service as an intelligence officer and his refined tastes; W. Somerset Maugham became the inspiration for the urbane and sophistcate spy James Bond.
sākt mācīties
devoid of intelligence; matter; or significance
To the journalist's pointed question; the senator gave a vacuous response; mixing a few of his overall campaign slogans with platitudes and completely avoiding the controversial subject of the question.
sākt mācīties
felt as if one were taking part in the experience or feelings of another
"The advent of twitter is a celebrity stalker's dream; as he or she can--through hundreds of intimate ""tweets""--vicariously live the life of a famous person."
sākt mācīties
to have a very strong desire for revenge
Though the other girl had only lightly poked fun of Vanessa's choice in attire; Vanessa was so vindictive that she waited for an entire semester to get the perfect revenge.
sākt mācīties
engaging in an activity with great eagerness or enthusiasm
Steven was a voracious reader; sometimes finishing two novels in the same day.
sākt mācīties
without check or limitation; showing no moral restraints to one's anger; desire; or appetites
Due to wanton behavior and crude language; the drunk man was thrown out of the bar and asked to never return.
sākt mācīties
determined by impulse or whim rather than by necessity or reason
Adults look to kids and envy their whimsical nature at times; wishing that they could act without reason and play without limitation.

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