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z łatwością
sākt mācīties
with your hands down
Don't stay up all night, his tests are so easy you'll pass them with your hands down.
bezradny jak dziecko
sākt mācīties
a babe in the woods
When it comes to dealing with computers, he's a babe in the woods.
wielka szycha
sākt mācīties
a big noise
This guy is said to be a big noise in drug trafficking.
zarozumialec, ważniak
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zarozumialec, ważniak angļu valodā
a big-head
Tom told me that all his friends are less intelligent than he is. He's such a big head!
sākt mācīties
blue-eyed boy
Tom was always jealous of his younger brother because he knew Jack was their mother's blue-eyed boy.
kość niezgody
sākt mācīties
bone of contention
The choice of place for holiday turned out to be a real bone of contention in their family this year.
akt rozpaczy
sākt mācīties
a counsel of despair
Her decision to leave the country after she was fired was a counsel of despair.
kropla w morzu
sākt mācīties
drop in the ocean
słomiany zapał
sākt mācīties
flash in the pan
ktoś małomówny
sākt mācīties
a man of few words
promyk nadziei
sākt mācīties
a ray of hope
łatwy cel
sākt mācīties
sitting duck
Old people who walk after dark in the dimly lit streets are sitting ducks.
rzut beretem
sākt mācīties
a stone's throw
Oh, come on! Go and get me some drinks, the shop is just a stone's throw from here.
pięta Achillesowa
sākt mācīties
Achilles' heel
Speaking in public is my Achilles heel; I'm simply too shy.
ranny ptaszek
sākt mācīties
an early bird
My father is an early bird, he gets up at 5.30 every day.
głuchy jak pień
sākt mācīties
deaf as a post
I'm afraid there's no point in talking to my grandfather; he's as deaf as a post.
wyglądający i czujący się rześko
sākt mācīties
as fresh as a daisy
Although I came back late from the party last night I was as fresh as a daisy in the morning.
uparty jak osioł
sākt mācīties
as stubborn as a mule
I was trying to make my father go to a doctor at last but he's as stubborn as a mule.
wybuchać śmiechem
sākt mācīties
burst out laughing
The movie was so funny that finally even Susan burst out laughing.
robić z igły widły
sākt mācīties
change a fly into an elephant
Gee! She doesn't have an evening dress?! It's just friends' party - why does she have to change a fly into an elephant!
nie ma tego złego co by na dobre nie wyszło
sākt mācīties
Every cloud has a silver lining
Oswald was very depressed after being fired but he found another job in just few days. Well, every cloud has a silver lining.
Do odważnych świat nalezy
sākt mācīties
Faint heart never won fair lady
It's high time we made a decision! C'mon, faint heart never won fair lady.
za nic w świecie
sākt mācīties
Not for all the tea in China
Oh, come on! I am not going to ask him such question! Not for all the tea in China!
wtrącać się we wszystko
sākt mācīties
have a finger in every pie
I can't stand her any longer! She has to have a finger in every pie! Can't she just mind her own business?
w szczerym polu
sākt mācīties
in the middle of nowhere
om didn't take the map with him so after several hours of going in circles we ended up in the middle of nowhere.
zjeść ciastko i mieć ciastko
sākt mācīties
have your cake and eat it
You can't have your cake and eat it. If you want high quality you have to pay for it.

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