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She's a friend of mine. / That's a colleague of Jane's.
sākt mācīties
A in the pattern of A+NOUN+OF+POSSESIVE
a cold, a headache, a sore throat, a cough, a fever, a broken bone, a toothache
sākt mācīties
before names of certain DISEASES
You would better put on a hat and coat. / a cup and saucer / a knife and fork
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with paired nouns / A/AN is used only before first noun of pair
He has a good knowledge of English. / He has a strong character.
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before an uncountable abstract noun when it is qualified by an adjective
What a suprise! /What a nice dress! / You're such an idiot!
sākt mācīties
a dozen, a million, a quarter, a third, a half, a pound, a dollar, a day, a minute, a yard, a meter
sākt mācīties
with certain whole numbers, fractions, currencied, time words and weight/measures with the meaning "one"
a couple of, a dozen, a few, a little, a great many, a lot of, a bit of, a great deal of
sākt mācīties
with reference to quantity
I looked up and saw a helicopter. / We found a wallet in the park.
sākt mācīties
before countable singular noun mentioned for the first time
He's a Scrooge. / He was an Einstein of his time. / It's a Picasso painting. / It's a Dickens novel.
sākt mācīties
before names/proper names to classify people or objects
He's an engineer. / I am a Catholic. / She is Socialist.
sākt mācīties
to classify or describe people according to their occupation, nationality, faith, political belives

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