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The capital of Lithuania and the largest city by population. Famous for Gediminas' Tower. It has an independent republic "Užupis" that is a part of UNESCO World Heritage Site and Vilnius University, an institution that counts its existence since 1579!
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Lithuania's lake resort town, around 25km from the capital. A town built on water, has many lakes. Well-known for its Old Trakai Castle and traditional Tatar community's dish called "kibinai". Once it was also considered as de facto capital of Lithuania.
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A small town in southeast Lithuania, as well as historical capital of The Grand Duchy of Lithuania. This is one of the towns that still continues to celebrate medieval Lithuanian traditions. The whole place is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
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The city near the river Šventoji, which flows to the Baltic Sea. The home of many famous Lithuanian poets and the second largest stone in Lithuania - Puntukas. There is a forest that has a bridge where people can walk through the peaks of pine trees.
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A spa city in southern Lithuania. Well-known for producing mineral water and having lots of forests. In 2003 Druskininkai became a member of International Climate Therapy and Hydro Therapy Association! It also has Grūtas Park, a soviet heritage museum.
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