Medium: Painting

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Fresco ?
This uses pigments mixed with water and applied to walls or ceilings. Fresco paintings are very durable and can span over large surfaces.
Tempera / Oil
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Tempera / Oil ?
Tempera uses pigments mixed with egg yolk and gum, and applies onto wooden surfaces. Oil used pigments mixed with oil, and applies to wooden or canvas surfaces. Both allow for rich, luminous colors on the surface.
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Encaustic ?
This used pigment mixed with hot wax, and is applied onto sculptures and architecture. Encaustic allows for a rich, semi-durable color.
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Watercolor ?
This uses pigment mixed with water, and is applied to paper. Watercolor allows for light, transparent washes of color.
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Acrylic ?
This uses synthetic paints, and is applied to canvas. Acrylic is easy & quick to use.

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