Phrasal verbs FCE 1

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be about to
He was about to leave when the phone rang.
sākt mācīties
mieć coś zrobić
be after
The police were after the thief.
sākt mācīties
be down with
be ill with
John is down with flu.
sākt mācīties
zachorować, chorować na
be for
be in favour of
They are all for the proposal to build a leisure centre.
sākt mācīties
być za
be against
sākt mācīties
być przeciw
be in for
expect sth. usu sth bad
We are in for bad weather.
sākt mācīties
przewidywać, oczekiwać
be off
be absent from school/work
John isn't in his office. He's off for two days
sākt mācīties
być nieobecnym
be on
be shown on TV, at the cinema/theatre etc.
There's a good film on at the Metro
sākt mācīties
być w
be out
be unfashionable/have stopped burning
Long skirts are out this season. The fire is out - that's why it's cold in here.
sākt mācīties
wychodzić z mody, przestać się palić
be over
have come to an end
The party was over early due to a fight.
sākt mācīties
mijać/kończyć się
Impreza skończyła się wcześnie z powodu bójki.
be through with
have ended a relationship/job etc
I'm through with Tom; he's so selfish.
sākt mācīties
skończyć z kimś
be up to
be capable of/feel like doing usu sth wrong, be equal to, depend on
Let's take the train - I don't think I'm up to driving so far. The children must be up to sth - they're very quiet.
sākt mācīties
być zdolnym do czegoś, zależeć od

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