Russian holidays and traditions

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Новый Год
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The tradition is to pop champagne corks and release fireworks at midnight. This is also the time to make a wish and it will come true.
New Year
Татьянин День
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It is also the day of students and they celebrate the end of the first term.
Saint Tatyana's Day
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A holiday which falls between Christmas (7th of January) and Epiphany (19th). It is a celebration of Christianity, with caroling and fortune telling. The bravest people dip in the icy water of rivers.
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It is the holiday of Russian pancakes. Everyone makes and eats them. Also, an effigy is burned and people jump over fire.
День защитника отечества
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On the 23rd of February, mothers, daughters, and wives congratulate men - the defenders of the fatherland.
Men's Day
Международный женский день
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Every female gets attention and gifts, mainly tulips on the 8th of March.
Woman's Day
День дурака
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It falls on the 1st of April when all people make jokes and pranks and a lot of humor festivals are held.
Day of Laughter
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Russians celebrate it with colored and decorated eggs and special food that is taken to the church to be blessed.
День Победы
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One of the most important days for the patriots and veterans when the victory in the WWII is celebrated. People attend shows and military parades and put flowers to the graves of the victims.
Victory Day
Ивана Купала
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A mystical late-June holiday celebrated with chants and rituals. Women wear girths of flowers, everyone jumps over bonfires and swims. People don't sleep since witches and other magical creatures are active.
Ivana Kupala
День знаний
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Celebrated on the first of September when the schools and universities open their doors. Pupils congratulate teachers and bring them flower
Day of Knowledge
День ангела
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Each of the baptized people who have a name after a saint, celebrate the name as a second birthday.
The angel days
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The wedding starts at the church, where the couple is blessed and continues at the civil office, where the marriage is registered. After that, the couple and their relatives enjoy a feast full of different food, dancing, and toasting.

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Some interesting Russian traditions

Russian culture is very different and unique. It is a mixture of foreign influence and local Russian holiday traditions, a Russian heritage gifted from one generation to another. Many of the Russian holiday traditions include traditional food, drinks and songs. Here is a list of Russian holiday traditions you will discover with this lesson:
  • 1. The Russian New Year's symbols are fruits, champaigne and fireworks released at midnight.
  • 2. The Women's Day in Russia is a special holiday when men congratulate their wives, mothers and sisters.
  • 3. Maslenitsa is an interesting Russian holiday tradition celebrated with blini - crepes with different fillings.
  • 4. There's another beautiful Russian holiday tradition for Easter in Russia. It is celebrated in a traditional orthodox style by visiting churches and decorating eggs.
  • 5. Victory Day is another important Russian celebration for all the people whose relatives fought in the Second World War.
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Learn about Russian culture

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