The Hebrew Bible

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What are the pieces of evidence for the idea that the religion of the Israelites may have been "henotheistic", at least in its early stages?
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Early Israelites believed that God had a consort named Asherah, and the Bible uses plurality when referring to divinities & repeatedly associates YHWH (Gog) and El—the name of the chief of the Canaanite gods.
What are some of the momentous moments in the history of the Israelite peoples?
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When the nation's original tribal structure was replaced with a national monarchy, when King Solomon centralized the national religion in a single Temple in the capital city of Jerusalem, and when the nation split into North & South after Solomon's death.
One Biblical story that was discussed in detail to show how the unique perspectives of the writers of the various source documents affected the telling was the story of...
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the "Golden Calf"
In combining the J and P sources, the Bible in its final form produced a depiction of a God who is both...
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a God of justice and a God of mercy

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