Unit 3 glossary

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the fact of being frequently away from work, especially without good reasons
sākt mācīties
Unfortunately there is a culture of absenteeism within the company.
to be able to get, see, or use sth
wejść/ dostać się do czegoś
sākt mācīties
With this phone you can access your email anywhere in the world.
to provide what a particular person or group needs
sākt mācīties
accommodate needs
Our proposal accommodates the needs of local people as well as visitors.
to successfully produce or cause something good
osiągać wyniki/rezultaty
sākt mācīties
achieve results
The project has achieved great results.
done for enjoyment, not for money as a job
sākt mācīties
He is a keen amateur golfer.
to expect things to go wrong or be difficult
sākt mācīties
anticipate problems
We don’t anticipate any major problems.
to make a judgement about how much sth has improved or developed
sākt mācīties
assess progress
Let’s have a short meeting tomorrow to assess progress.
a strong feeling of not liking sb/sth
niechęć, awersja do czegoś
sākt mācīties
aversion to
He had an aversion to getting up early.
to put pressure on sb by repeatedly asking them questions or asking them to do sth
wiercić komuś dziurę w brzuchu, żeby coś zrobił
sākt mācīties
badger someone
He kept badgering me to let him see the report.
the least possible; just enough
sākt mācīties
bare minimum
He did the bare minimum of work but still passed the exam.
the action of travelling regularly by bus, train, car, etc. from your home to your place of work
sākt mācīties
She sees commuting as a real waste of time and resources.
a problem, often one in which you have to make a very difficult choice between things of equal importance
sākt mācīties
I was in a terrible dilemma over whether to take the job.
exciting and full of energy or changes
sākt mācīties
We are a young, dynamic company.
producing the result that is wanted or intended; producing a successful result
skuteczny, efektywny
sākt mācīties
We found a simple and effective way of classifying the data.
a particular period of time that is different from other periods
sākt mācīties
The spread of the Internet began a new era in business.
if you tell or give facts about a situation, person, event, etc to other people and receive it from them at the same time
sākt mācīties
exchange information
These meetings are an opportunity for us to exchange information.
if you tell or give information and understanding that you have in your mind to other people and receive it from them at the same time
sākt mācīties
exchange knowledge
These workshops are an opportunity for us to exchange knowledge.
to make it possible or easier for things to change
sākt mācīties
facilitate change
My role is to facilitate positive change within the organization.
a different aspect of a situation, especially one that is less welcome
druga (gorsza) strona, skutek uboczny
sākt mācīties
The flip-side of more flexibility at work can be less security.
the process of joining two or more things together to become one
sākt mācīties
Our products offer a perfect fusion of tradition and innovation.
to make people feel enthusiastic (excited and interested in sth)
sākt mācīties
generate enthusiasm
He is very good at motivating people and generating enthusiasm.
to cause sth to happen or exist
dać czemuś początek, doprowadzić do czegoś
sākt mācīties
give rise to
This gave rise to a number of problems.
to happen in the way that was intended or planned
iść zgodnie z planem
sākt mācīties
go according to plan
Things didn’t quite go according to plan, and the project ran over budget.
to start to use or act according to sth that has been decided
sākt mācīties
We implemented all of his suggestions.
new plans for dealing with a particular problem or for achieving a particular purpose
sākt mācīties
This is one of the government initiatives to encourage mothers back to work.
a way of achieving or doing sth
sposób, środek
sākt mācīties
Is there any means of contacting him?
to judge how much success has been achieved
sākt mācīties
measure success
It is difficult to measure the success of the campaign at this stage.
something that you can choose to have or do
sākt mācīties
You have the option of varying your monthly payments.
the usual or correct way of doing sth
sākt mācīties
There is a standard procedure for making complaints.
a clear intention or aim that sth is supposed to achieve
sākt mācīties
The meeting lacked any clear purpose.
to make sth ready to work or be used
sākt mācīties
put in place
New security measures have now been put in place.
opposing sth and trying to stop it happening
przeciwny, niechętny czemuś
sākt mācīties
resistant to
He is very resistant to change.
without any difficulties or delays between one stage and the next
sākt mācīties
There was a seamless handover of power from the director to her replacement.
causing itself to continue in the same bad way
sākt mācīties
Revenge leads to a self-perpetuating cycle of violence.
used to emphasize how large, great, etc. sth is
sākt mācīties
The sheer size of the machine makes it difficult to move.
involving the use of natural products in a way that can be continued for a long time without using them all up
sākt mācīties
We are shifting from fossil fuels to sustainable energy.
feelings of unhappiness and unfriendliness or lack of trust between people
sākt mācīties
The changes further increased tensions among the workforce.
to completely change sth
przekształcać, transformować
sākt mācīties
Technology has transformed our working lives.

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