Unit 5 glossary

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tending to forget things, perhaps because you are not thinking about what is around you, but about sth else
sākt mācīties
He can be a little absent-minded at times.
the fact that sth is available to get or buy, or that sb is available to do sth
sākt mācīties
We’ll organize a meeting as soon as possible, depending on her availability.
a number or amount of goods produced at one time
sākt mācīties
They produced a trial batch of the new product.
to annoy, worry, or upset sb
martwić, niepokoić, przeszkadzać
sākt mācīties
bother someone
It bothers me when people don’t try their best.
the fact of being clear and easy to understand
jasność, klarowność
sākt mācīties
She spoke with fluency and clarity.
to make ideas known to other people in a way that they understand
sākt mācīties
communicate ideas effectively
Diagrams and pictures can help communicate ideas effectively.
a situation in which people disagree and may be angry with each other
sākt mācīties
We found a simple way to resolve the conflict.
careful thought about sth
namysł, rozwaga
sākt mācīties
Careful consideration should be given to health and safety issues.
considering sth as a possibility
rozważanie, zastanawianie się nad czymś
sākt mācīties
I don't think it's worth contemplating taking on any more staff at the moment.
causing a lot of angry discussion and disagreement
sākt mācīties
Any plan involving job losses is bound to be controversial.
to deal successfully with sth difficult
sākt mācīties
cope with
He wasn’t able to cope with the stresses of the job.
of a good enough standard or quality
przyzwoity, porządny
sākt mācīties
They offer decent meals at good prices.
to say, write, or communicate what you think in a way that others can understand
sākt mācīties
express yourself clearly
I don’t think I expressed myself very clearly.
to fail to reach the standard that was expected or needed
nie dorównywać czemuś / być mniejszym niż coś
sākt mācīties
fall short of
The hotel fell short of their expectations.
to give your attention or effort to one particular subject rather than another
sākt mācīties
focus on
I think in this meeting we should focus on practicalities.
to complain about sth in a bad-tempered way
narzekać zrzędzić
sākt mācīties
She’s always grumbling about how badly paid she is.
differences between two statements, figures, etc. that means they cannot both be correct
sākt mācīties
I noticed a few inconsistencies in her argument.
to talk or write only about a particular thing, and not other things that are not important or not relevant
trzymać się czegoś
sākt mācīties
keep to
Please try to keep to the point.
to judge sth by considering only the facts, and not your personal feelings or opinions
sākt mācīties
look at options objectively
If we look at the options objectively, I think this one is clearly best.
to begin to have less energy or enthusiasm, so you cannot keep progressing or achieving as much
sākt mācīties
lose momentum
The project seemed to lose momentum halfway through.
to be in charge of a place or a machine
operować / obsługiwać coś
sākt mācīties
The telephones are manned 24 hours a day.
a very bad situation in which something fails completely in a sudden or dramatic way
krach (np. na giełdzie)
sākt mācīties
There were fears of a meltdown on the Stock Exchange.
in a bad way that is very well known
sākt mācīties
The market is notoriously difficult to predict.
to carefully watch, listen to, or concentrate on sth
sākt mācīties
pay attention to
Please pay attention to what I am saying.
to join in and help with an activity
zakasać rękawy, włączyć się, pomagać
sākt mācīties
pitch in
Everyone pitched in with the cleaning work.
to make other people work hard, perhaps more than they want to
sākt mācīties
push others hard
Their manager pushes people hard but he gets results.
the act of giving up your job or position
sākt mācīties
The failure led to his resignation as department head.
the money that an organization receives from its business
sākt mācīties
The company’s annual revenue rose by 30%.
a person whose job is to do things for sb else, eg. cooking or cleaning
sākt mācīties
He had been the family’s loyal servant for many years.
to encourage sb to do sth
sākt mācīties
spur into action
I was spurred into action by his letter.
to avoid sth/sb
trzymać się od czegoś z daleka, unikać czegoś
sākt mācīties
steer clear of
I usually steer clear of taking work home with me.
a situation in which people are seen as belonging to two separate groups who do not want to be friendly or help each other
sākt mācīties
them and us
oni i my (używane, by określić konflikty lub nieporozumienia, często między grupami społecznymi)
Don’t let disagreements at work develop into a ‘them and us’ situation.
to be very careful about what you do or say to sb
postępować ostrożnie
sākt mācīties
tread carefully with
We have to tread carefully with him because he’s a very important client.
to behave towards sb in a way that is not reasonable or does not treat them equally with others
sākt mācīties
treat employees unfairly
A tribunal found that the company had treated some of its employees unfairly.
to be well regarded
sākt mācīties
be viewed positively
Her actions were viewed very positively by the general public.
with a lot of energy and determination
1. energicznie 2. zdecydowanie, stanowczo
sākt mācīties
He vigorously denied the allegations.
a person who fights in a battle or war
żołnierz, wojownik
sākt mācīties
He was known in ancient times as a great warrior.
to be very involved in sb’s work, usually seeing and talking to them regularly
sākt mācīties
work closely with
She has worked closely with many business leaders.

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