Untranslatable - Neprevodivo

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Draft of air usually created by opening doors on opposite sides of the house or windows or similar.
A draught in the room can cause musculache.
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Propuh u sobi može izazvati bol u mišićima.
"A bit" or an expression used to say to someone to do something slowly or step by step.
There's no rush, take it easy!
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Nema žurbe, pomalo!
For nothing or term used to say that something is lame.
So this was all for nothing?
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Dakle, sve ovo je bilo bezveze?
Sure, or used sarcastically with the meaning of "yeah, right".
He found a job? Yeah, right...
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kako da ne
Našao je posao? Kako da ne...
It's not a big deal, never mind or it has nothing to do with something.
If you go to the store and there are no pears, never mind.
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nema veze
Ako odeš u trgovinu i tamo ne bude krušaka, nema veze.
A strong, cold and dry Northeastern wind that frequently blows at the Croatian coast.
Bura is still pretty strong but we sail out anyway.
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Bura još uvijek puše prilično jako ali svejedno isplovljavamo.
A strong and warm Southwestern wind that frequently blows at the Croatian coast.
The village is situated at the end of the bay and it's protected from jugo.
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Selo se nalazi na kraju uvale i zaštićeno je od juga.

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