Latin in 1 day

Latin in 1 day
Start with some latin basics in order to widen your cultural repertoire!

Learn some Latin words and sentences
Take this chance to realise how Cicero and Ovidio used to communicate!
Notice which words you usually use come directly from Latin!
Will you still perceive Latin as a dead language? We will see!
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10 words in no time! - 10 verba celeriter10 words in no time! - 10 verba celeriter  
10 speciālā zīme
You already know that:) - Hoc iam scis:)You already know that:) - Hoc iam scis:)  
11 speciālā zīme
Questions - QuaestionesQuestions - Quaestiones  
10 speciālā zīme
Courtesy Phrases - Locutiones ComitatisCourtesy Phrases - Locutiones Comitatis  
16 speciālā zīme
People - GensPeople - Gens  
28 speciālā zīme
Activities - OperaeActivities - Operae  
17 speciālā zīme
13 speciālā zīme

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