TOEFL - Most important words 101 - 125

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to have knowledge of something
sākt mācīties
Not all marketing specialists are cognizant of the consumers' needs.
when two or more elements come into opposition
sākt mācīties
There's always a fight when two opinions collide.
something that occurs at the same time of another thing
sākt mācīties
also: agree
Our thoughts always coincide!
used to indicate when a structure falls down
sākt mācīties
The building collapsed into the fire's arms.
to express complete disapproval of something
sākt mācīties
also: convict
The thief was condemned to 5 years of prison.
someone who wants to do what is right
sākt mācīties
Sarah was always a conscientious student.
harmony between people
sākt mācīties
The two companies could not concord in price.
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