TOEFL - Most important words 301 - 325

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to feel intense disgust for someone or something
sākt mācīties
We loathe each other since the day we met.
someone who changes mood unpredictably
sākt mācīties
I tend to be moody if I don't sleep enough.
an adverb that refers to the possibility that something might happen
sākt mācīties
also: probably
It is very likely that it will rain today.
to tempt someone to do something
sākt mācīties
Taylor could not resist the lure of fame.
something so stupid that makes people laugh
sākt mācīties
also: ridiculous
This dress is ludicrous!
a song usually used to put children asleep
sākt mācīties
Mommy's lullabies are the sweetest.
to move from one place to another, covering a long distance
sākt mācīties
The migration of birds is a regular phenomenon.
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